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Hi Terry,

As discussed we'd like this scenario or absolute best workaround for it:

1. Client emailed QV quote.

2. QV Quote accepted.

3. MegaLED build a bespoke custom made object
- user instructions needed. We have no time to write

user manuals (can you believe that).

4. We do a quick video on a smart phone.

5. We upload video to our youtube channel.

6. We email the customer a video link and any other documentation
and spec sheets relating to their final 'build' at that stage.

That point 6, considering the power of QW Links and QV videos,
I think should be happening in QW and on a QV page - not in our email

client.  Issue I see is once a quote is accepted you can't upload anything

'new' - not even for customer reference?!

So, we would like to find a way to email (templates??)
or better still upload the video instructions to QV that

relate to the original accepted quote and the corresponding or current

'sales order' (QW order document) that has been now been

'completed' - or about to be completed and shipped.

Let me know your thoughts!

Best Regards

Steve Kane

DDI +44 (0)208 432 0995

Project Manager

MegaLED Ltd
Unit 05, 232-258 Alma Road, Enfield, EN3 7BB  |  YouTUBE! Video Gallery  Tel: +44 (0)208 432 0995


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Not currently possible.

The only way to do this would be to create a new 'quote' that has no pricing information. Literally just a header section and the video.

Alternatively, create the video and save the link to a custom field. Then use an email template to give the client the link. All that you're doing in QW is adding the link and creating an email - of course, this way the link directs them straight to YouTube, but is going to much quicker and cleaner.

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