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Looking for "better" reporting out of QuoteValet

I'd like to be able to see a list of all quotes with their corresponding/current status in one view.

Quote 1-Sent Not Viewed-Date
Quote 2-Viewed-Not Accepted-Date
Quote 3-Submitted for Peer review-Not approved-Date

The reporting that I've come across so far doesn't really allow for this. Please direct me if this is something that already exists.


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Unfortunately, some of this data is simply not in the QW database - which makes building reports on this data a little tricky.

1: Is the below useful. This shows all quotes, within set dates that have been uploaded but not yet viewed.


2: Set the 'What' to Customer Activity - this will shows quotes still open in white (not orange)

3: QuoteValet insight could be the best place here. This can show all quotes where approval has been requested (but not granted)

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