QuoteWerks updating Goldmine Forecasted Sale prefixes Product field in Goldmine with "Document #" - Can this be removed or adjusted?

In QuoteWerks version 5,3 Build 3.06 when Creating a Goldmine Forecast Sale when saving the quote for the first time the Goldmine Forecast Sale Product field is set to the following:
"Document #" then the actual quote Document Number and then the actual qutoe document Name.
Example: Document #DITQ1001 - 2650 5k points
(Document name has been set to be "2650 5k points".

It is OK that the quote number and document name are placed in the Goldmine Product field of the forecast sale.
I would like to remove the prefix "Document #".

Is this possible?

I'm not massively familiar with Goldmine, but the FileName generation options (and opportunity default name) is set in Tools > Options > Misc. 

Has "Document #" been set here?

If not, it looks like it could be something hardcoded.

Thanks for the hint Matt on the Opportunity setting, but is is a hard coded thing for forecast sale.

Goldmine uses a Forecast Sale and has Opportunity.

We don't use the Goldmine Opportunity at this time. When we save a quote we have QW create/update a Forecast sale. In goldmine terminology this is a Pending Sale item. It contains a field called "Product".

We have Document Name set to    &DH_CustomText28

The New Opportunity is set to        &DH_DocName (#&DH_DocNo)

The result I get in the Product field of a Forecast Sale is on the next line:

Document #&DH_DocNo - &DH_DocName

So if DH_CustomText28 had the Value "Entertainment System" I would get the following for quote number 1001.

Document #AAAQ1001 - Entertainment System

I simply want the option to eliminate the hard coded "Document #" being placed in the Goldmine Product field in a Forecast Sale.

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