QV Internal URL Link Pushed to CW

Hi Support –

I’m checking out some of the new features in the latest builds, and tested the system’s linking of the Sales Rep internal link into the ConnectWise Docs tab.

It currently creates the link when the email is sent. 

Is there anyway to have the system create the link in ConnectWise when the quote is pushed up to QuoteValet, rather than being triggered by the email being sent? 

Our use case doesn’t have the inside sales people sending emails from QuoteWerks, but copying the content to another email used to manage the opportunity.  Just seeing if the approach could be tweaked a bit.


Hank Wilkinson
Director of Sales Operations, Cal Net & NexusTek
949.660.5655   Client Care



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One of my users suggested having a checkbox on the same screen where we choose the QV template and reminder options.

"Copy URL to ConnectWise" - this could be ticked and greyed out, if desired.

Of course, users not to see this option if not using CW

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Matt - sounds like a great way to implement.

Expanding this a bit would also be to have the PDF loaded into ConnectWise docs tab (when it is uploaded to the QuoteValet system) this way as well (it may be redundant, but couldn't hurt).

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