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API for QuoteWerks Web

I'm interested in building integrations between QuoteWerks Web, and other web based CRMs, like Pipedrive.

Just wondering how far away an API for doing this is likely to be?

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Nice idea, John and hopefully the QuoteWerks Development team will respond with something but last I heard an API for QW Web was not something that was designed into it when development first started and a long way off in terms of them considering developing one... :(

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I just discovered this today although it was not provided by the support team.

This is the link structure to open a document in QuoteWerks Web.

In the QuoteWerks Desktop application under links there is a url to open the document.  I don't know if there is a url to create a new document.

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Just touching base to see if we have any progress on this request?

Sort of wondering why you didn't just build the API then use it for your own integrations.

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Would like to see QW Web have these features!

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Is there an API for QuoteWerks Web?  I would like to connect a contact list from another SQL database.  Is this possible?

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There is no API with QuoteWerks Web at this time. Your best solution is to create a sync between your SQL database and the contacts table in QuoteWerks. Using triggers on the source database to update the QuoteWerks database would be the best solution.

Thank you!  Have you heard anything about a possible API solution in the future?

I plan to utilize the sync into the contacts table.  I know in the Desktop version you could connect to an external database without having to populate the contacts table.  Therefore, I was wondering if it was currently possible in the Web version.

I see you have been asking for an API for quite some time...fingers crossed! :-)

Thank you for your assistance, I greatly appreciate your response!

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My last information was that the API is not in the current future plans, however their long term goal of a full web based solution will actually require an API.
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