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Add SMS Quote Acceptance Capability to QV

Hello, I operate an ecommerce and telephone sales only environmental service equipment business and my average ticket price is around $6800... We just experienced chargeback credit fraud for $12,300. That said, I've been considering my options in as far as getting customers to independently validate their pre-credit card use sales and that is possible using Quote Valet for those that agree to it; they can just click on the URL and open the invoice, click on the radio button to ACCEPT and hit Submit. Easy, their IP addresses are saved and all is good. We can use that for prospective charge back responses and it keeps people honest too.

It would be great to have an option to send customers the QV invoice by SMS text that they can then ACCEPT, locking in the transaction approval record that protects the vendor. As are ecommerce and telephone sales only and banks considering those two methods high risk for credit card fraud, I would use this process for ALL sales thru QW. Maybe this is a problem area for other QW users as well. 

Thanks, Eric.

I'm not quite sure what you're asking for here..

Are you asking for a SMS to be sent (from QW)?

Containing what? A link to the quote?

Send them an SMS confirming the acceptance?

Hello Matt, just a simple text to the customer that they can reply to confirm acceptance of the quote; I'll leave format and such up to you guys. I now ask customers to simply open the invoice and accept the quote, no matter how they intend to pay. Mobile phone customers whine; a text would be a universally accepted method.

Just to clarify, I'm not from QuoteWerks.

So, you build a quote (in QW) and deliver it via QuoteValet via email.

You also send them a SMS and they just reply with "ACCEPT".. and you're good?

I'm not sure what the legality behind that in the US is (I'm UK based), and I could be wrong, but I believe that could be difficult to make stand up if it became necessary.

Neat concept, potentially!

Oh, hello Matt, I was working from my phone over lunch. Here in the States, we use text confirmations for half of everything these days, including banks. I'm pretty sure there's some room for that within QW. There are protocols to render them legal and that's where a bit of work may be. Thanks.

So, this "ACCEPT" (via SMS) replaces (or is as valid as) a signoff on the QuoteValet web page?

Might be worth looking at email to SMS applications such as MessageBird

I notice that MessageBird has an API ("Application Programming Interface) which a developer (like us!) could use to build a tight integration with QuoteWerks. We've done text messaging service integrations before (albeit not with QuoteWerks). If you'd consider a third party add-on, Eric, then please get in touch -

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