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Double-click on Configuration item does not move to next step

I have set up mt Quotewerks with groupings for each component of the books I produce.  I picked the size of the book, a front, cover, # of forward pages and several other components.

On the latest upgrade, I can no longer double click on the item I want and have the program index to the next area.

Can we get a way to set it up to index on each double click?

Hi Dave

Version: 5.5    Build: 3.04    Release Date: 03/10/2020     Type: Misc     View All Features in Build

In the Configurator when double clicking on an item, it would add it to the configuration and also advance to the next configuration step. Now when you double-click it will only add the item into the selected items list. This is useful if you need to add multiple different items in one container.  If you hold down CTRL while double-clicking, it will also advanced to the next configuration step.

Hi Dave,

We made this change because this changed action of a double-click is an intuitive expected standard action of a double click, and this is useful when you need to add more than one item from a configuration step. If you hold down CTRL while double-clicking, it will also advanced to the next configuration step, recreating the original behavior.

We were thinking that the only time the double-click to add an item to the selected items list and also advanced to the next configuration step would be useful is when ALL of a customer's configurations only needed to have one item selected per step.

We are not sure what percent of customers use it that way. If there are a lot of customers that really use and appreciate that behavior, we will consider adding an option to bring back that behavior.

Anyone interested in this, please post a comment on this topic.

I understand this may be helpful to some people that have set their quoting that want to select multiple items from one category.  I have not.  I am disappointed that I set mine up to use the program the way it was originally presented to me.  But now it does not work the way I bought it.  With the change, it is not as fluid for me. All I ask is for a switch to make it the original way.  What build can I go back to to make it the original way?

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