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Showing AT Primary contacts in Account list

Hi all

When selecting the Sold To, Bill To etc companies and contacts, is there a way to see the "primary" contact status from the CRM on the list?

Currently if I search for a client, I get a list of accounts, but I can't tell which one is the primary, or the one that we should be contacting. 

Autotask has the Primary field (I seem to recall that it's the same for Connectwise) which marks the contact as being the primary contact. Seeing this in the search results within QW would be great, but I can't seem to see it there. 


Not possible. There was a recent request about being able to define which columns are shown on the contact search window, but it doesn't exist today.

QW can pull the value (I think it's True/False for being the Primary Contact) and we then validate that Primary Contact = True

But it can only do that 'pull' when you choose to add the contact. No way to identify that, currently, from just the search screen.

Thanks Matt One for the feature list.
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