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PARTIAL-Show extended pricing when vendor enters the price

I just tried to use this for a real quote for the first time, and the vendor entered the extended price not the unit price.

If when entering the price, the extended price was displayed, it would show this error very quickly.

I asked my vendor, and he suggested the working Unit Price would be better than Price Each, which is not a familiar term downunder.

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Hi John,

That is a good idea, we will change Price Each to "Unit Price". Also I can see about calculating the extended price. We want them to enter the unit price because we need to update the QuoteWerks line item with the UnitPrice rather than accept a ExtendedPrice and then have to divide it to calculate the UnitPrice before entering the unit price into QuoteWerks.

Hi John,

ok, we changed the "Price Each" to Unit Price", this change is live now :) We have the extended price calculation on a shorter list now.

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