I need to move my QuoteWerks Installation to a different computer


If you are moving QuoteWerks from one computer to another computer running Windows 7/8/10:

1. Make sure that your current version of QuoteWerks is at least Version 4.0 Build 51 (Windows 7), Version 4.7 build 8 (Windows 8), or Version 5.0 Build 5 (Windows 10) or higher before moving your data. Version information can be found under the Help -> About menu.

2. On the new system, create a folder on your "C" drive and call it "Applications" (c:\applications).

3. Copy the ENTIRE QuoteWerks folder and all of its contents from the original computer (if you were running Windows XP, QuoteWerks can generally be found in the "c:\Program Files\" directory if you are running Windows 7 or 8 then it generally will be in "c:\Applications\") and place it into the Applications folder on the new system.

If, on your old system, you are unsure where the QuoteWerks folder is then: Open QuoteWerks and click on Help->About, select the System tab and the Install Path is shown.

4. Once the folder is copied, make sure no other programs are running and locate the Nsetup.exe file in your QuoteWerks folder and right-click it, and then click, "Run as Admin..."

5. When the NSetup has completed, you should now be able to launch QuoteWerks.

Important Note: QuoteWerks cannot run as a 64-bit application. Your operating system should be able to run it as a 32 bit.