Issue: QuoteWerks window - Launching off screen
When you launch QuoteWerks it can not be seen even though it's clearly indicated as running in both your taskbar and task manager.

QuoteWerks is launching off-screen (outside of your viewable desktop area). This can be due to a number of reasons though the most predominant cause is related to the use of secondary monitors with laptops.

Solution 1:
You can keep all of your QuoteWerks dialogs and windows on the same screen by going to Tools -> My Preferences. On the Misc. tab, check the option for "Don't remember Windows location". This should prevent the F2 Lookup from appearing off screen.

Solution 2:

On Windows 7/8/10:

Select QuoteWerks by clicking the icon that's 'shrunk'. Once selected, hold Windows Key, and hit either left, or right, a few times. This should move QuoteWerks in the corresponding direction, bringing it to your main display from off screen.

On Windows XP:
1) On the taskbar right-click on the QuoteWerks task or use Alt+Space for a window that does not have an icon on the taskbar (such as Zoom).
2) Left-click on: Move
3) Press your Left arrow key once.
4) Now move your mouse around until you see the QuoteWerks window.

Notes on why this can happen:
Ex: You use a secondary monitor with your laptop while at the office and you normally have QuoteWerks open on this secondary screen. Now you're outside of the office and when you attempt to launch QuoteWerks you can't see it.

QuoteWerks remembers the location you had it at last. So if you had it on a second screen and now that screen is gone QuoteWerks will still launch and reside at those same coordinates.