How do I change the username for one of my employees?


Since user names cannot be changed, we need to create a new user with a new login, and then associate their quotes with the new name using the Medic Utility.

1) Within QuoteWerks, go up to Utilities and down to User Maintenance
2) Select the old user name and click [Clone]
3) Enter the new user name and password, then click OK (Do not delete the old user name)
4) Completely close out QuoteWerks. If you're on a network, make sure no other users are logged in either
5) Navigate to the QuoteWerks folder. If you're on a network, this will be the QuoteWerks folder on the server.
6) Locate the file labeled Medic or Medic.exe and double click on it
7) Within the Medic Utility, go to Utilities drop down and select Data Manager for QuoteWerks Databases
8) Enter your login information on the window that pops up, and then click OK
9) Select the Pre-defined System Database Queries tab
10) Select the checkbox for Re-assign SalesRep´┐Żs documents to another SalesRep
11) For Current, select the old user Name
12) For New, select the new user Name
13) Click [Start], then Click [Close]