How do I upgrade to a higher Edition of QuoteWerks?
(For example: Upgrading from the Standard Edition to the Professional or Corporate edition)


The following steps should be followed for the upgrade to a higher edition of QuoteWerks:

1. Conduct a Utilities>Merge Remote Documents with nobody running QuoteWerks (except for yourself).

2. At the master installation remove all license keys - QuoteWerks will temporarily revert to demo mode - until you add in the new key(s).

3. Enter the NEW Primary License Key(s)

4. Recreate any remote license keys (if Applicable)

5. Reenter any real-time license keys (if Applicable)

6. Conduct Utilities>Rebuild CM Transport Files procedure

7. Register the license key.

Note: For Remote PC Installations: Follow these same steps on the remotes. You may be required to recopy the security.mdb file to the remote pc once the new license key is entered.