Since user names cannot be changed, we need to create a new user with a new login, and then associate their quotes with the new name using the Medic Utility.

1) Within QuoteWerks, go up to Utilities --> User Maintenance
2) Select the old user name and click [Clone]
3) Enter the new user name and password, then click OK (Do NOT delete the old user name)
4) Completely close out QuoteWerks. If you're on a network, make sure no other users are logged in either
5) Navigate to the QuoteWerks folder. If you're on a network, this will be the QuoteWerks folder on the server.
6) Locate the file labeled Medic or Medic.exe and double click on it
7) Within the Medic Utility, go to Utilities --> Data Manager for QuoteWerks Databases
8) Enter your login information on the window that pops up, and then click OK. A Master Rights login must be used to utilize the Data Manager.
9) Select the Pre-defined System Database Queries tab
10) Select the checkbox for Re-assign SalesRep’s documents to another SalesRep

11) For Current select the old user name
12) For New select the new user name
 13) Click [Start], let the query complete, then click [Close]

14) Start QuoteWerks and go to Utilities --> User Maintenance

15) Edit the old user name and check the box to make that user inactive.  Do not delete a user as this can cause data issues, but making them inactive will remove them from any dropdowns/etc

16) With your new user be sure to go to Tools --> My Preferences and edit your Full Name fields and any other information (such as email) that may have changed.