Logging into QuoteWerks, the user receives licensing error 173 attempting to reach the Aspire Licensing Server:


This particular behavior can arise when the workstation is having trouble communicating with our licensing server. To resolve this, you can close QuoteWerks and navigate to your main QuoteWerks directory. From within that folder, run the below files:



The first file will confirm whether you have a matching or higher version of .NET installed, and the second will modify the workstation's registry to enforce TLS 1.2 security. Then once you restart QuoteWerks, this error message should cease.

Note: If the error persists, you may need to look into whether Anti-Virus or Firewall settings are interrupting communication. Additionally, you can try copying the two files from the QuoteWerks to your local machine, and run them from your C: drive (with QuoteWerks still closed) to see if that resolves the issue.