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Mobile Webpage

Is there any scope for QuoteWerks to look at the mobile phone user experience when accepting quotes when using QuoteValet as we have a couple of users that have reported back that the system is not very friendly.


Hi James,

As in, make the QuoteValet Web Page mobile responsive? So it looks different than when viewed on a computer browser?

Hi Matt

That is a far better way of putting it


It's very tricky as there are some elements which span the entire width of the page such as each of the section separators.

I've done a few things, such as ensuring the fonts displayed on the phone are at the correct size (some areas display much larger on mobile devices than they should on the default templates) and setting the default page 'zoom' to be larger - but there are so many elements in a dynamic web page, it's going to be very hard for QW to create a 'one-size fits all' change.

What, in particular, are your users reporting back as being unfriendly? It might be possible to address those directly.

The big issues seem to be around the sizing.

The main complaint was to do with the acceptance area, the text flow was an issue as was the size of the tick box.

If this is going to be a pain to sort on a larger scale then I will need to take a dive in the stuff behind the page to see what is going on.

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