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Add Affirm Financing to QuoteValet Payment Gateway Integrations

We are exploring the QuoteValet add-on for our QuoteWerks installation. One thing we are considering is offering Affirm customer financing as an option for customers who want to do extended financing that we don't want to directly manage in-house.

Affirm has become widely popular across the internet and the stats show that offering financing options this way can increase sales.

We would be interested in showing an Affirm option in QuoteValet when customers choose how they intend to pay, but Affirm is not one of the supported gateways at this time.

I would like to request that the QW team look into this and see if it would be possible to integrate, or how else we might be able to offer 3rd party financing options to customers who would rather do that.

Thank you for your consideration.

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You could plug all the Affirm rates into QW and present a 'Cash Price' or a 'Financing Price' to the client.

The client could then, easily, tell you which one they wanted.

I don't believe QW goes and creates the financing agreement or anything directly with any financing company (I could be wrong, as not based in the US).

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