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Printing QV accepted pdf's

We print all of our QV pdf's as the quotes are accepted and the QV logo across the top of the pdf really kills our toner and before we can print something important we have to print a bunch of blank pages to clean the drum as that spot creates a hot spot on the drum with it being such a thick toner spot. It would be great of that logo area wasn't a dark think bar. 

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Removing Header Branding

The default CSS file that QuoteValet uses contains the QuoteValet logo.This can be easily removed by uploading a customizations.css that removes this element.This file has been built for you, and can be accessed from the Site Files tab in your QuoteValet Setup.

In QuoteWerks, navigate to Tools --> Options -->  QuoteValet, and click the QuoteValet Setup button. In the QuoteValet Setup Window, select the Site Files tab. Download the "sample-customizations.css" file from the Site Files window. By default, it should save to the \QuoteWerks\QuoteValetSiteFiles folder.

Select to "Open Containing Folder". Rename the file from "sample-customizations.css" to "customizations.css".

Then, in the Site Files tab, upload the newly renamed "customizations.css" file.This will replace the existing customizations.css file for your QuoteValet account.

Once this is completed, if you refresh your quote page (CTRL+F5) in the browser window, you should see the QuoteValet banner has been removed.

So that removed the actual QuoteValet logo that isn't my issue it's that dark blue bar, can you help me to white that out?


    /* Remove the Top Banner  (The one that by default has the QuoteValet logo on it) */
    background-image: none;
    /* Change the Top Banner Background Image */
    /* Remove the Top Banner Entirely */


Using the "background-image: none;" or "display:none;" option should work for you.

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