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Project Won Text Message

How do I add/modify people to the text notification list. It currently seems to be limited to the users listed in the quote's Sales Rep or Prepared By fields. Is there a way to add users to receive a text notification based on customer acceptance through quote valet? 

As I understand it, it's Users (Sales Reps and Prepared By) only that can receive text messages -

The QuoteValet Notifications offer options for 'anyone' to be listed for email notification, if that helps?


Unlike emails, as Steve rightly points out above, which can be CC/BCCd to colleagues, multiple SMS notifications would be a feature request.

Thanks Gentlemen, I have adjusted using the emails of the personnel instead of the groups. Appreciate the feedback.

NB: there was a post before the screenshot which better explained the options and puts the screenshot in context. That post also included a URL to the QuoteWerks Help and so requires a forum administrator to allow it to be displayed. When they do, it will better explain things for future readers of this topic.

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