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Quotevalet Comments Field Should allow non alphanumeric characters

A client approved the quote, and because I pasted in the email thread in the Quotevalet comments area, the server crashed. Support said that @ signs were not allowed. 

In a comment filed? Crazy. Ticket #34930 

Please fix. Thanks! 

Thanks for the interest. Not a huge deal but seemed silly. Yes in the approval comments area. Unfortunately the resulting web error page shown didn't specify the exact cause problem, just that one existed. So I contacted support and got this specific response below. Of course an enhancement not a bug. Feature request. "A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client (DH_AcceptanceNotes="... xyz@ao...")." Thanks for your interest.


I've had @ symbols appear ok (I often ask for the billing email address).

Is this the QuoteValet acceptance comments box, or when clients ask a question?

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