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Error Adding Contact

I am getting an error when adding a contact to a quote - any of the contacts / sold to / ship to / bill to / all


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Figured it out!!   I had as the url that I was using!  Got rid of the r1 and now it is working fine (r4).

I am glad you figured it out! Make sure to never keep the r# in the URL. When you log into QuoteWerks Web, you will be redirected to the correct Release for your QuoteWerks installation.


Figured it out!!   I had as the url that I was using!  Got rid of the r1 and now it is working fine (r4).


I was not able to replicate the issue when retrieving the QuickBooks Online contact into QuoteWerks Web. I also had QuoteWerks Desktop v5.3 b6.06.

Does this happen with all contacts or only certain QuickBooks Online contacts?

Something to try doing is clearing your browser cache. There is a possibility that something need to be updated client side. This can be accomplished by logging into QuoteWerks Web in your browser and then pressing the Control Key and F5 on your keyboard at the same time. 

If that does not resolve the issue, please give QuoteWerks Technical Support a call at 407-248-1481.

The desktop function works fine.  The quotewerks web is throwing the error.  I do not have any additional fields set up in the data link.

Do you get the DataLink Setup option with QBO contact integration? If so, then check these are looking at valid fields.

The link is fine - we use it daily to export orders / po's.  It also wrks fine with the desktop.  It is also apparently pulling the data from QBO as it is populating the contact list based on the search filter, but when we go to insert a selected contact is when it throws the error. 

Have you checked that the various tests check ok?

Also may be worth checking that all of the configuration is set and trying 'Sandbox' mode.

Hope this helps,

Quotewerks:  5.3 build 6.06

CRM:  Quickbooks Online

It will pull a list of contacts, but the error occurs when inserting.


What CRM do you have linked to QuoteWerks Desktop? The CRM linked to Desktop determines the Contact Manager integration used on QuoteWerks Web.

What Version/Build of QuoteWerks Desktop are you using?  The version/build of QuoteWerks Desktop determines the release of QuoteWerks Web that you can access.

We recently released build 6 of version 5.3 ( If you still encounter difficulties after applying the update, please let use know.

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