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Approval by Quote Type

We are using a custom field in the quote header to capture "Quote Type."  Quote Type informs downstream processes and impacts downstream tools.

One of those processes is the Approval Process.  For example, "Consulting" quotes have different margin thresholds than "Product" quotes.

Today we have written custom scripts and workflows to accommodate our approval process based on Quote Type.  However, custom scripts do not work with QWs web, which we would love to use.

Is it possible to designate a "Quote Type" field and have approval thresholds be created based on Quote Type?



So many things about Approvals would make it so much more workable for people.

The most common is as you describe:

Quote TYPE A = Threshold X

Quote TYPE B = Threshold Y

Definitely support this request.

We've done quite a bit of work with alternative Approvals process, including one that would support the "Quote TYPE A = Threshold X" and "Quote TYPE B = Threshold Y" approach where the threshold could be expressed in terms of quote value or profit margin. Unfortunately the solution doesn't work with QuoteWerks Web (there's no API for that yet) but it works great with the desktop version!

Email me - - if you'd like to know more.

This would make approvals work (at all) for a number of my clients. Without the concept of a technical approval, they can't begin to explore this feature.

It would make it work better for a number of my clients.


Since this email thread started we've created an Approvals add-on (details here).

It's a similar but also quite different way to approach Peer Reviews & Approvals which may work for some businesses where the 'out of the box' features do not.

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