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Ability to delete all selected documents with links to QuoteValet without Individual popup message

We have a Client who would like to be able to delete batches of selected documents without having to select 'Yes' to the message to also delete the document from QuoteValet for each individual document. 

A selection box for 'Yes to All' would be preferred.

Is this something they do a lot? Is there a reason behind it?

Would be possible to do this in Access/SQL if it's such an issue.. although a 'yes to all' could be useful - although might make it easy for a user to do a lot of damage quite quickly.

Hi Matt,

This was in regards to removing documents required for GDPR.
It would be possible to remove these do documents from backend of either access or SQL but this would result in the documents still being uploaded on the QuoteValet server.

I have spoken to a QuoteWerks engineer regarding this who recomended to request it as a feature request.


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