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change quantity in quote vallet

Often I quote out products with out knowing how many the client needs.

Is there a way to have the end user change the quantity of an item in a quote in the same way that you create an order form?

Yes, I often do this, requires a tweak to the QuoteValet HTML template though.

How good is your HTML/CSS

Pretty passable.  I know it well enough to know what I am looking at but not enough to just start creating from scratch.  

If I know what to change and how I can usually get it done. 

Suggest create a new test QV template.

Add the below to your <head>



        Conditional Line Item Qty Editing


        This css is used in conjunction with the

        data-qty-condition attribute and additional

        fields found below in the 'Begin_LineTypeProduct'

        and 'Begin_LineTypeGroupHeaders' portions

        of the Line Items Section down below.


        td.col-qty[data-qty-condition="y"] span,

        td.col-qty[data-qty-condition="Y"] span,

        td.col-qty[data-qty-condition="n"] input,

        td.col-qty[data-qty-condition="N"] input,

        td.col-qty[data-qty-condition=""] input




        td.col-qty[data-qty-condition="n"] span,

        td.col-qty[data-qty-condition="N"] span,

        td.col-qty[data-qty-condition=""] span,

        td.col-qty[data-qty-condition="y"] input,

        td.col-qty[data-qty-condition="Y"] input


            display:inline-block !important;

            text-align: center;

     width: 30px;

font-family:"Segoe UI";








then set your QTY field to:

  <td class="col-qty" data-qty-condition="[DI_CustomText14]"><span>[DI_QtyBase]</span>[DI_QtyBase:InputType=TextBox,style="display:none;"]</td>

Wherever you enter a "Y" into CustomText14 (or whichever field) on the QW line item, it'll then appear as a textbox for the client to change QTY.

Let me know if you get stuck.

Alternatively, I'm around for the next 30 minutes if you want an online screensharing session and I'll do it for you:

QuoteWerks MVP

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OMG this is exactly what I was looking for, you are amazing!!!

My pleasure. I've done some cool stuff around options, like change the colour of text of optional items to highlight them to the client moreso than just a text box.

I've now added a couple of options using javascript, validating the range, and using a drop down rather than a text box. 

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