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Youtube Videos Not Attaching to Line Items in QV

Version 5.3 (Build 6.05)

Here's a video of the issue.

Anyone know what might be happening? We updated just a few days ago and lost this ability. 

Are we saying that videos appeared on QuoteValet mobile?

(I only say that as I've never tried..)

Does the video work on a regular QuoteValet template?

Yes, once we linked a video to a line item in particular (say, 'security panel') our sales staff would then log into QV from our iPads and find a thumbnail/link of the video next to the product. This would allow us to easily access multiple product videos all from the QV Mobile templates. 

Ah, cool, didn't know that (having never tried).

I think this is one for QW support as we (users) don't have access to what is displayed on QV mobile.

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