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QV adding spaces to URL - breaking the link

Hi all,

We've had a few instances now where the URL's generated (and sent) via QV to our customers are have spaces in them, which of course is breaking the link that customers click on..



You can see after the TenantId there's a space ... this doesn't seem to happen on all of the quotes, just a few.

Any idea's how to fix?

Have you got the URL as a complete URL in the email you send? Or as a "Click Here" type of link?

It sends as the full URL - what you see in the post above is copied exactly from the email (albeit with the tenant id removed of course)

I've not seen this, as yet. Do you have a customised email template for this type of email?

Ok, a little more info passed from our Sales team...

They are grabbing the URL from the 'Copy URL' button after uploading to QV.

Then pasting the URL in to a non-QV email (in Outlook).

It turns out they send all QV links this way. However, only a handful of these broken URLs have been reported.

It's very likely that the links get broken depending on what email system(s) they go through on their way to the recipient. I'm sure that they will be intact leaving your Sales Team's Outlook and in their History / Sent Items folder, it's just going through different email servers that they'll get broken. They would be much better using a click here type of approach - this is a much more reliable way of ensuring that the link remains intact when the recipient receives it.

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