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Export QV Reports

HI all

I'd like to suggest a new feature. It would be great to be able to export the QV reports data to better analyse it. 

Business Case

I want to keep track on quotes approved but NOT processed to orders. Common issue. There's no way of easily showing only these items in the QV Dashboard report tab. Being able to hit Export and export "all uploaded quotes this year", and then pivot tabling them, well, that would be great. This would ensure that this rare event doesn't happen (I've counted 10 such events this quarter across about 1000 quotes sent out). 

It would be better clearly if we can could somehow automate that, and if QV itself has some method of scheduled reporting, or alerting for this, or if the QW report feature had a QV integration. 


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Yeah, currently there's no way to export any QV data. Long term request from me and fully behind for exactly this type of business case.

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