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Product upload via excel options

We utilize excel to create our product list as well as the units of measure/pricing/cost/etc.  From time to time our vendors remove products for extended time periods only to reintroduce them in the future.

I am looking for an option (column) to create in excel that tells quotewerks to not import the data in such lines.  If the product comes back, I would like to only alter the speadsheet and upload into quotewerks.  

I do not want to delete the products in excel, but I also do not want my sales team to sell what isn't currently available.  

Or change the Vendor to something else, this would make the product listed but unavailable for selection.

Initial workaround..Maybe you could just put a "flag column" in "column A" in Excel.

Then sort and export or save as then import that selection into QW?

Nope. There isn't such functionality in the product today, although an 'inactive' attribute is something that has cropped up before.

Is there a way to have the configurator look at a custom text and use that information to include or not include the given list that was created in the flowchart.

Take example: Products A, B, & C are in the configurator as options to choose from.  All have a custom text that states active.  In the third quarter of the year, the manufacture removed product B for "retooling" and stated there is no set date for re-release.  The user changes the custom text to inactive.  The configurator then does not allow user to choose product B as an option.  Later when product be is re-released, the status is changed to active and the configurator then allows user to choose it again.

I would like to confirm with Matt Rose, at this point this specific feature is not possible within QuoteWerks. 

This would make a great addition to our software and I would recommend submitting a feature request for this.

Customer input drives our feature development. While there is no guarantee that your feature request will be added, they often are.

The feature request forums can be found at  

Please create a separate topic for each feature request.

Not currently possible.

Move them to another sheet?

Mark them with a 'INACTIVE' prefix?

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