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Price Update

I need to update the pricing for a database of parts.  I'm thinking I can use the import to overwrite the old prices??  If I only select ManufacturersP/N, Price, and List on the import will QW import overwrite the stale prices?  I'm hoping that it will just update Price and List and effectively leave everything else alone.

There IS matching ManufacturersP/N to match up with.


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When importing products (and also contacts) it is a good idea to label the columns on your worksheet appropriately so that you know which fields they will be going into in Quotewerks when you come to do the mappings. A second tip is to import the items into a newly created Test database first and then check the results, and then afterwards import them into the Live installation when you are satisfied.

The option that you will need to select will be the third option ......

Update existing products and append new products

and map the manufacturerpartnumber column to the column on your worksheet and then select the fields to update ..... list and price.

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