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Payment Option Descriptions on Template

Hi guys,

When adding a Payment Option from 'Sale Info' tab there's an option to type in 'Display Text'.

However, on the QV template, it doesn't use this display text.

It pulls [QV_StandardPaymentOptionDescription]

Is there a way to pull the 'display text' instead?

We're looking to localise some of the language used and so 'Wire Transfer' would become 'Bank Transfer' for example.


That macro is correct.

I also, change from Wire Transfer (I use "BACS" and this displays for me).

What Build of QuoteWerks are you running? I was sure this didn't use to work for me either and then a QW updated 'fixed' it.



Hi Matt,

We're on v5.3 b5.07, which is according to the web the latest version.

It shows on the sale info tab...


but this is the quote...


Yes, same as me on most of my installs here.

Are you able/willing to share your QuoteValet template with me? I can then copy that into my system and see if I get the result and/or compare your HTML code with mine to see if there are any differences.

Hi Matt,

I've dropped the file to you on email 

What was the answer on this one please Matt / Barry? We've got QV_StandardPaymentOptionDescription in the Template too but it's not displaying the Display Text caption. Thanks in advance, Steve.

@QuoteWerks Tech Support: we could do with an update to this Help guide page! :)

check your macros in Tools > Options > Payment

I simplified mine to the below.

The QV_StandardPaymentOptionDescription relates to this macro


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Sneaky... thanks Matt!

@QuoteWerks Tech Support: looks like we could also do with an update to this page.

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