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Quotevalet Page Breaks

Hi all,

We use page breaks in the QW template, but it's been brought to my attention that they're "not working" in Quotevalet...

The thing is, i've customised our QV template so much and it's been so long since i've actually used it, that i can't even remember if page breaks are even supported by Quotevalet?

Can somebody give me a sanity check and let me know if we can do page breaks in QV? 樂

I was wondering what was going on, Barry! 

As QuoteValet will just keep scrolling, and no need for page breaks!

I reworked how my (PDF) layouts use page breaks, due to content displaying on QuoteValet.

Previously I used a comment line with "Page Break" in the description field - this of course would show on QuoteValet - unless I remembered to set PrintLine=No

I now give Page Break it's own column (custom text field) and, wherever that's not empty, it'll force a page break. That custom text field is not referenced by QuoteValet so no need to worry about LineItem Attributes - let alone Javascript ;)

I find that this also makes it easier to see where my page breaks are.

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Ignore this guys... i was having 'a moment' and realised that i was correct in saying QV doesn't support page breaks in the same way that QW does for it's native templates.

Instead i've knocked up some Javascript to hide the page break lines in the QV template.. job done :)

It's been one of those weeks Matt... i thought i was going mad when i started investigating it... it just seemed like a legit problem and then all of a sudden it dawned on me that QV doesn't even support them!

I've never thought of doing page breaks with a custom text column like you've mentioned - that's a nice solution! I'm going to have to investigate that one (i'm currently using the - seemingly out of fashion - 'page break' in description field method).

Ah, this is a good one. I ran into an issue with applying Page Breaks like the (old) video suggested, but that didn't work. I did mail support about it yesterday, but got no response yet, so I figured this out after reading this :)

What I did is a filter like ".if.len(documentitems->customtext07)>0" on a section with nothing in it and only the checkbox "Advance page after printing the section" checked.

If someone needs a page break they can just type "yes" or whatever in the CustomText07 column after the item they want the page break. Then renamed the column to "Page Break".

Works like a charm.

thnx :)

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