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Set Default Accepted By Email Address to 'Bill To' Contact


We're trying to setup a workflow for our client where the end user can submit a request directly to our Sales Support team and be listed as the 'Sold To' contact so they continue to receive notifications as the request progresses. The primary POC needs to approve the request and they are listed as the 'Bill To' contact on the quote. While we can send the approval request email to the POC, when they access the QV link, the end user/Sold To email address is listed by default in the acceptance email box.

I can see the 'QV_InputAcceptedByEmailAddress' macro is being used to populate this information. Is there a way to change this so the 'Bill To' email address is defaulted without impacting the additional uses of 'QV_InputAcceptedByEmailAddres'? I see that it's used in other templates for sending notifications, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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