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Customization of input type for "Allow QV Qty Change" items?

We like the new feature of having a line item attribute for "Allow QV Qty Change", however we'd like to modify the default "textbox" style to be a drop-down list that is friendlier for a customer to adjust quantites of an item.

In the QV template, we're basically changing this:


To this:


Whenever we change the [DI_QtyBase} attribute in the template, it changes ALL quantities on the quote to be the dropdown input type, not just the ones that are set with the Allow QV Qty Change attribute turned on.

Is this a known issue?  Or are additional macros needed in QV to accomplish this?  Something along the lines of [Begin_LineItemAllowQVQtyChange] and [End_LineItemAllowQVQtyChange] so that we could have both formats in the quote template?

The standard HTML is:

<td class="col-qty">



Looking at the code on a quote for a 'regular' item:

<td class="col-qty">



Looking at the code on a quote for a 'QV QTY Adjust' item:

<td class="col-qty">

<input name="DI_QtyBase___1" type="text" value="3" id="DI_QtyBase___1" inputtype="textbox" class="valid">


So, it does appear QW is 'feeding' QV with additional information with that attribute enabled - I can't, off the top of my head, see how we can interrupt/change that without QW implementing something like you've outlined.

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Was looking for something else I answered a while ago for reference and stumbled across this old post tonight.  You could always use a script to get the line attribute to kind of over-write the native behavior with


    <script type="text/javascript">
        var intLineAttributes = [DI_LineAttributes];
        var blnIsQtyChange = false;
        blnIsQtyChange = ((parseInt(intLineAttributes) & 1024) == 1024);

        if (blnIsQtyChange == true) { stuff here }
        if (blnIsQtyChange == false) { stuff here}


I didn't run through and do the whole thing because I'm in the middle of a different project but maybe this little snippet offers an idea. 

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