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Show distributor name in Etilize results

Who one is buying from is an important piece of information when making a purchasing decision.  Further, it is helpful to be able to tell if a result is from ones own distributor or not.  Also if you limit the search to My Distributors, it would be ideal to be able to see which of your distributors a result is from.

Solution: Please show the "seller's" name/identify in the list of items that appear in Etilize search results.

If I'm understanding correctly, you can do this currently.

In the Product Lookup edit the column view and choose to display Etilize distributors. See attached.

(81.2 KB)

Hi Matt, I think the issue for me may be that QuoteWerks web doesn't appear to show the seller(distributor)


Maybe it's there and I'm just missing something or it can be added somehow.

When you click an item, it does in theory pull pricing from different distributors and then show their names next to the prices:


Ultimately it appears that QuoteWerks desktop shows the seller/distributor name in a column in the results but QW Web does not.

Thanks for trying to help,


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