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Setting a QW field in a QV approval form


Is it possible to have the end user set a QW field within the QV approval form?

Essentially I want the end user to specify which budget they will be assigning this to, and for that to set the field in QW, which will use a datalink entry to feed that back to AT. 

Is that doable?


When you say 'end user' are we talking about the customer (recipient of the quote) here?

If not, is the 'end user' the QuoteWerks user?

If not, explain it like I'm 5, as is often necessary ;)

Yeah, sorry. I meant customer, not staff member. I want the customer to set fields in qv which feed to qw fields.


Yes, absolutely possible. I have one extra field in my QuoteValet Accepts for "Invoice Email" (where should I be sending the invoice), this then 'downloads' into my QuoteWerks.

I have other clients that have a handful of fields for delivery address. This would prepopulate if a user had entered a delivery address, but allows the client to override this.

Involves some HTML customisation, basically adding a new field something like the below:

      <div class="form-label-area">

                    <label class="form-label">

                        Invoice Email


                    <!--<div class="form-comment">(Optional)</div>-->


                <div class="form-input-area">

                    [DH_BillToEmail:InputType=TextBox, class="required email textbox"]

                    <div class="form-comment">

                        (Where should we send the invoice?)



DH_BillToEmail is the field I'm pushing/pulling information to/from.


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