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Cleaning up Etilize product descriptions

When we grab product details via Etilize, is there a way to clean up the descriptions and edit fields before those details are pushed into CW?

Basically we have standard and custom fields in the ConnectWise product setup that I'd like to edit before the product is pushed into CW from QW.  Otherwise we end up with products that are not correctly categorized and are missing other details I want to record.

What am I missing?

Yes, once a product is added (from any product source) to the line items in QW, you can completely edit any field of the product before being pushed to CW.

Not sure where.  There are several columns in QW on the quote sheet that I can edit, but they're not the fields in CW...

I'm not following.

What fields in CW are you wanting QW to populate?

As mentioned in my first post, we have the standard (price, description, etc...) fields, but we also have custom fields for things like UPC code, supplier URL for the SKU, there's the flag for whether it's serialized, and product category and subcategory using pre-defined menu items in CW.

I don't believe QW is able to write information, other than what it populates by default, when creating a new product.

I had a look at the DataLink option, but that only relates to Description/CustomerDescription.

The Serialized and Category/SubCategory are defined by your ItemType.

I often recommend simply copying your CW Category/SubCategory to be set as ItemTypes in QuoteWerks - keeps the language you use consistent.

You then tell QW which (QW) ItemType relates to it being serialized (or not) and which category/subcategory.


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