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Deliver with Additional Templates

Great you can choose "Customer Facing" template, but would like to pick and choose additional customer templates for "Acceptance" or "Peer Review" etc.. etc..  

Long standing request, that I fully support.

How do you see this implemented?

When you upload a quote to quotevalet, you define the acceptance template at that point?

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Hi Matt, Use case is for an agreement, not a quote, not an order, invoice, sales order or PO.  I've been able to customize the layout so the language is appropriate for the customer facing acceptance.  But the acceptance details that come through, the language is around a quote.  As I can't choose the specific template to be used thereafter, I am stuck with the wrong language.  If there is a work around, be happy to use it but making "live" other templates isn't a great way. image

The best I've been able to do is adjust the template to look for a value inside a custom field on the QW document.

My default for all new documents = quote, so I don't do anything for that.

I go in and change that from quote to proposal (or whatever) and that's what the acceptance page will pick up on.

Alternatively, we leave it blank and require the user to set the correct terminology before a document can be uploaded


Why not just change the acceptance page to say "Thank you for accepting the document"?   The word Document can apply to any document type.    Or just  "Thanks for Accepting"?  And then change 'quote' to 'document' everywhere else in the text?

Alternately, as Matt mentioned, you can do a variety of things based on a value on a CustomText Header field

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