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Automatic Price Modifier Adjustments

On the QuoteWerks desktop version when I adjust my cost it gives me a pop up box that allows me to keep the original price, keep the original price modifier or adjust the price modifier (see image). 

On the web version, it automatically adjusts to my current price modifier instead of giving an option to keep the price the same. I'd like the web version to include the same pop up box as the desk top version.


  • Build a quote with products, cost and point modifiers to adjust my pricing
  • Send the quote to the customer
  • Then I receive different pricing from distribution, so I adjust my cost
  • When I enter the new cost, it automatically adjusts my sell price with the current modifier. However, sometimes I want my sell price to stay the same as originally quoted. 
  • It would be nice if we could have a pop up box, like I included in my original email, to give me the option to keep the same sell price, the same price modifier, or adjust the price modifier.

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