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Redirect QuoteValet page on acceptance to different URL

We would like to implement a mechanism where when a user clicks to accept a quote, we'd like the page to then redirect to a new URL.

I've tried reviewing the HTML template for a QuoteValet page, but I can't see an option that would help me achieve this.

Has anyone done something similar, and can they proffer any advice?

Something like this? A video should attach itself. This shows the acceptance page automatically redirecting to after 5 seconds.
The time you can change.. you could even set it to 0 seconds if you wanted..

Maybe this time...


Hey Matt, really appreciate you making a video. Unfortunately, it does appear to have cut off when you said "and now I'm going to do that again", where I suspect you were going to show me the relevant bits of the HTML you edited.

Could you try reuploading it by chance?

Hi Scott, try the attached.

I'm around for the next couple of hours if you wanted a screenshare for me to apply this for you.

(2.82 MB)

It does look the video is still getting cut off. The file I have here works fine. I know that posting URLs in the forum (say to a YouTube video) is sometimes blocked.. not sure what to suggest!

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