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It appears the price and cost modifiers are locked into a preset list.  Is there a way to replicate the functionality of the software?  Just type in a value? Also there is no 'L' value to pick from


You can edit the list of Cost & Price Modifiers from the options on the Utilities menu.

Thanks for the suggestions - but that would require me to enter a modifier for every possible instance - which defeats the purpose of having it.  It is quicker to manually calculate sell price / cost, etc.  it which makes this a useless feature (unless you are looking to restrict the options).

You can also just manually type the required Modifier. Even if it's not in the list, QuoteWerks will accept it and re-calculate the Price(s) for you. Note that you can also enter values like "M10\20" to Mark-up by 10 and then a further 20%. Hope this helps?

Steve, I think you may have missed this is all about QW Web (not desktop).

The experience is somewhat different in some areas.

The ability to manually type in a price modifier has been in QuoteWerks Web since about July 3rd this year, just double click in the box to display the list as well as be able to free-type.  There is a slight issue if you tab out of the box after typing in your price modifier rather than just hitting enter that we are aware of, so for now be sure to hit enter after typing in the modifier.  

If you are looking to see updated values in the profit/profit margin/etc fields at the top you do have to hit the calculate button, however you can manually type in almost every field in QuoteWerks Web line items  just like desktop

Thanks for the update!  Works great.

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