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No PDF's please

Hi, I'm moving towards using QuoteValet as the exclusive delivery mechanism for my quotes. Giving my clients the ability configure options and quantities on the quote prior to acceptance is a big plus in my world.

To that end I would like to nix PDF's entire. I don't want to upload a PDF Quote to QV and I don't what a copy of the quote (PDF version - QV version is fine) sent to the client when they accept the quote.

I've been able to stop QV from allowing the PDF quote to downloaded but I can't seem to find a way to stop the quote copy when a quote is accepted.



This makes me question why I bother including a PDF(!)

For the vast majority of the time, all the information is in the QV page.

I rarely use Spec. Sheets / Literature

It's only T&Cs, but I guess I could link to the PDF on the website if they wish to review them, as a number of my clients do.

QW (still) makes us upload something, so I guess T&Cs it will have to remain.

I would have thought this was a relatively simple thing to make an option. Checkbox = Upload Quote. 

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