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No PDF's please

Hi, I'm moving towards using QuoteValet as the exclusive delivery mechanism for my quotes. Giving my clients the ability configure options and quantities on the quote prior to acceptance is a big plus in my world.

To that end I would like to nix PDF's entire. I don't want to upload a PDF Quote to QV and I don't what a copy of the quote (PDF version - QV version is fine) sent to the client when they accept the quote.

I've been able to stop QV from allowing the PDF quote to downloaded but I can't seem to find a way to stop the quote copy when a quote is accepted.



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Not possible currently. Quotevalet will always send a PDF to the client on acceptance.

This includes screengrabs of the QuoteValet web page and a copy of what PDF you uploaded.

Can you upload a random PDF document (like a single page newsletter or just a cover page) instead of a quote layout?

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Hi Matt,

Not ideal, but at a pinch I can probably make that work. Except for the big red disclaimer on the PDF. Can we do something about that?


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Nope, that's fixed too

OK, so just to be clear. Quotewerks send back a copy of the online quote that has been accepted by the client (and therefore has to be correct) as well as a copy of a quote the client may or may not have ever seen saying that the quote may not be correct. 

That's hardly confusing at all.

That's correct.

Solution, until the option to not upload a PDF is considered, don't upload a PDF version of the quote.

Just upload T&Cs or a blank page(!?)

Actually, this is a significant enough problem to stop me using Quotevalet and by extension Quotewerks. That will be really disappointing since I've been a very happy user for more than 15 years. 

I want my clients to be able modify their quotes dynamically but attaching a PDF copy of the quote which may or may not be correct will only lead to confusion.


What confusion could occur? Simply, don't attach a pdf copy of the quote that doesn't modify.

I have to attach something? Whatever I attach is going to have the red disclaimer, right?

Maybe, I'm not getting this. How do others deal with it? If a quote is attached, Quotevalet sends back a copy of the quote saying it may not be correct. Is that right?


So, here's what happens.

When uploading a quote for a client to accept, it requires you to upload a PDF. 

This can be any PDF, it doesn't have to relate to the quote in any way.

QuoteValet will not work if you don't upload a PDF.

On the client facing QuoteValet page you can choose not to display the PDF, so the client doesn't even know it exists.

When the client accepts the quote, they get an email generated by QuoteValet.

This contains pages showing screengrabs of the acceptance page, including options they'd chosen and the total.

It also includes whatever PDF you uploaded with the watermark stating 'may not reflect options changed in QuoteValet'. This watermark is not included on the screengrab of QuoteValet, which will always show the correct options and totals.

If you really think this could cause confusion with clients, maybe upload a single red paged pdf, with the exact same colour as the watermark (in essence making the watermark invisible) and include some text towards the bottom of the page saying something like "End of Document", maybe.

(I have over 75 clients using QuoteValet, some sending out 10,000s of quotes a year; I don't recall any client mentioning that this watermark caused confusion).

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I think the reason it isn't an issue is that hardly anyone actually looks at this PDF that is sent with the acceptance. I know I don't.

It'd be interesting to get a ball park number from QuoteWerks as to the proportion of quotes have the PDF looked at before quote acceptance.

If we had access to 'our' data this would be easy of course.. but there's another post on that topic ;)

My estimate is that it'd be about 10-15%.. if that, actually

I think it really depends on the nature of the quote/proposal. If it's a simple quote where not much explanation is required, then I don't think any would look at the PDF. However quotes that are more like proposals will be.

It's interesting that Aspire don't include looking at the PDF as an option for their quotes, but they send it to you with the acceptance.

This makes me question why I bother including a PDF(!)

For the vast majority of the time, all the information is in the QV page.

I rarely use Spec. Sheets / Literature

It's only T&Cs, but I guess I could link to the PDF on the website if they wish to review them, as a number of my clients do.

QW (still) makes us upload something, so I guess T&Cs it will have to remain.

I would have thought this was a relatively simple thing to make an option. Checkbox = Upload Quote. 

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