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Optional item Selected or Not Selected

I am having a lot of problems with customer visualizing the optional items check box. I just closed a deal where the customer forgot to check the box and was expecting the item to be included in the price that was approved. This is becoming a big problem for me because people are busy and are not reviewing the QuoteValet quote thoroughly and often skip the optional items thinking that they are included. 

I was able to display the message "(Optional Item NOT Selected)" or "(Optional Item Selected)" underneath the extended price field of the PDF document, you cannot miss it. If I could code something similar in QuoteValet, it will serve me two-fold because either the customer will catch it or I will while on the preview. 

I am not an expert on css or html but I know enough to have comfortably done some extensive customization on some of the templates however this coding has proven to be a little bit more challenging than what I expected. I started by trying to add test text to what I assume is the optional line item under the line items section but nothing so far has shown up on the preview. Can somebody be so kind as to offer some sort of tip or trick that can help me jump start the coding or is all this coding internal Java that I will not be able to touch?


What would be nice would be to be able to set a default template, rather than a document when you press new.... there's a new feature request. I'll add it and you can vote for it.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Clicking new... "What would you like to do now?"

A bit like Word/Excel, etc. all do, giving you half a dozen things you'd typically like to do.

"New Blank Quote"

"Use Default Template"


Extends the drop-down next to the new button (which almost no one uses)

Option for "Remember this selection the next 10 times" or something.

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