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Parts List from Quote with Qty>0

I would like to create a parts list from a quote where the quantity is greater than zero since a lot of optional items may not be chosen. I have tried several things like QtyTotal and still get 10 pages with 8 pages of zero quantity items. Any clues how to do that?

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Turns out the report output I copied had the wrong field for Qty. Now I need to remove the Optional items. Anyone know how to remove them?

You need to filter a detail section in the report layout to exclude either (or both) &LineAttributeOption and/or &LineAttributeSelectedOption


I don't see that option in my list. I guess I'll have to update my version. Thanks.

I'm lost. I don't see that field anywhere in the selection list.

What version and build are you running?

5.3, 5.07

I'm happy to take a look with you in a screen sharing session, if you wish:

I just noticed you are talking about adding this in the report layout. I haven't dug too deep into macros. I have enough on my table and don't want to spend anymore time on the software. I'm salesman, installer and manager. I also mop the floors. Just wanted to generate the report to give me a parts list for the quote. I know it sounds like an excuse but for a piece of software that requires as much from someone as quotewerks does, I really just want to find a better quoting program. I need to be making money not go back to college. Thanks.


If you find something better than QuoteWerks, do let me know.

What you're asking for will take less than 3 minutes, it really will. I'm sure finding another quoting program will take longer than that.

Don't get me wrong I do appreciate the help. I guess I got burnt out on QW quite some time back when I realized they were spending all of their time on the addins and nothing on improving the user interface. The UI is clunky and disregards all good programming techniques for user interaction (i.e. move focus to fields requiring input or focus to windows that open). Unfortunately I have some much time invested in the packages I have created that I am dreading my move to Salez Toolz. But they have a better quote look and feel without the bazillion hours it requires to do the same in QW. I would much rather spend my time selling than working on my quote program.

Good luck.

Development are working very hard (and in a timely fashion, too) at making LOTS of small developments, based on user feedback - such as those you've outlined above.

I've not heard of SalezToolz before, it looks interesting.

Perhaps make a small note in a few months to post back here with how easy everything is to do in SalezToolz compared to QuoteWerks. I'm sure we'd appreciate your feedback.

Do you guys ever share user created reports?

I'm looking for a report that will give total quantities for each product on a quote/order - preferably as a one line per product summary (It would be a sanity checker for the quote and also an easier way of creating purchase reqisitions.)

The problem with sharing reports is that they are often so customised to a client's installation.

If you were able to hop into an online session, I'll create something for you that you'll find useful.

I have the same question as Ken above.  I want a report that is essentially a "picklist".  Combines the qtys of all parts in a quote for "picking" or making POs easier.

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