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Number of quotes

Quotewerks provides a report called "totals for all items by rep"  which is a great report but for us it is missing a way to see the number of quotes for the rep's.

Is there a way to have the number of quotes per rep shown as a number in this report?  you could just count the quotes in the report but management doesn't want to count. they want a number.

Hey Scott,

In the relevant sort footer, place SORT_ITEM_COUNT, which you can find by clicking the system icon.

That should do the trick for you!


thanks for the response.  I tried using SORT_ITEM_COUNT in the sort footer but the number that it is returning doesn't seem to represent the number of quotes shown in the report.  one of the salesmen has 24 quotes on his report but the number returned is 275 for him.  just to see what would happen I tried changing the summarization type but that didn't seem to return the correct number.

any help is appreciated.

Hop into a screenshare and I'll get this sorted for you:

I suspect summarization type is the culprit here, I suspect it may need to be set to 'Value'

(It seems the forum doesn't like me including links to a screensharing link - feel free to reach out direct if you can't figure it out)


it's asking for a support key. i tried 520376905 but it says that key has expired

Can I ask you if the problem is solved and what is the solution? I have exactly the same problem and I would like to solve it. 

Thanks for your help.

Hi David, yes. I got Scott what he needed. this is a little tricky to explain in a message. If you ping me an email with your details we can have a screenshare if you like?

Thanks Matt!!  Problem solved very quickly

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