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Report on Selected Options

I'm stuck on a problem, I'd like to have a report that shows a list of quotes that have options that are selected and their totals.  Basically, I'm trying to report on what percentage of clients approve one or more options on their quote.  It's relatively easy to determine if a line is an option, but I can't seem to figure out a way to tell if it's selected, and I from what I can tell it's not possible to tell if a Document has selected options only a the individual line level.  Does anyone have any suggestions or another way of thinking about this, I think I'm stuck!



Not quite sure I follow.

Are you looking to say something like:

The document total, without options is "1234.56"

But with all options selected is "1678.90"

The actual accepted was "1567.89" 



Thanks for the response.  This question actually came up because we have been having trouble with our clients and their understanding of the options on Quotevalet which gets very complicated if they are using the PDF file rather than the online quote.  The question came up as to home many of our clients were selecting options at all and what the average option add-on was.  So, we're looking for be be able to run a report over some period of time showing what dollar value of options were selected on each quote (if any) and to get better data on our option acceptance over different types of quotes.

I'm not sure the how much of this we can get out of Quotewerks reports, but at the very minimum I think your question above would be more data than we currently have, if that's at all possible?  I couldn't figure out a way to even get that.

Does that make sense what we're trying to do?



Some of my clients choose not to show the PDF version, which avoids any confusion of which lines are selectable and which aren't.

With an hour of work I'm sure I could get:

Quote total (no options selected)

Quote total (all options selected)

Order total (what options were actually chosen)

% increase of order compared to quote with no options taken.

That might be a useful start?

Do you only present checkboxes, or do you have radio buttons (must choosen 1 from 'x' options) - that might be a little trickier.

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