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Commision report

I am having difficulty creating a correct filter. When I attempt to export the file, I get a notice to edit my filter

If you'd like to post the Filter that you are using and describe what it is that you're trying to achieve with the report, then perhaps I or one of the other forum contributors can help...

I am trying to create a commission report for the previous month by orders placed (we do a lot of quotes that do not become orders) by company


The problem is trying to use the DocumentHeaders.SoldToCompany field for your From & To Date filters. You probably want to be using the DocumentHeaders.DocDate field instead.

See example attached. Note that you can also default the Prompt value using the &SYS_ macros you see listed in the "Use Macro Field" dropdown. &SYS_FirstDayOfLastMonthForSQL and &SYS_FirstDayOfCurrentMonthForSQL will be your friends if you want the report to default to last months details.


Thank yo very much.  I think that was helpful. Before when I tried to generate a report, a window would pop up saying I need to edit the filter.  This time, it generated a report.  The report is blank though, so I am still missing something.  I am typing Orders manually because I do not see it in the database, but we cannot include all quotes since some do not become actual orders. 

(95.3 KB)

Is the third one, relating to SoldToCompany a prompt? i.e. it's asking you for the name?

DocType=ORDER (not ORDERS)

I'm sure this will be really simple, and the forum might not be the quickest way.

Ping me an email if you'd like a screensharing session.

I'm trying to add a date picker to the beginning of the commission report - how do I do this please?

Ref. screenshot: if you follow the instructions in my post above, then a date picker is available when you click the magnifying glass on the Filter popup.


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