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Two User Sync

I have a situation where two remote users need to see each others quotes.  Can they just do a sync for their own user and then follow up with a sync for the other user?

That is correct. You would want to have each user start by syncing their own documents back to the master. Then, once they have both synced their own documents, each user would perform a second sync for the opposite user's documents. There should be a total of four syncs occurring to complete their request. 

To perform a sync for just a single user's documents, go to Utilities -> Sync, choose to Start a new session, choose your master directory, then for the What to Sync: section, choose Documents owned by Sales Rep: and choose the rep. See below:

Thank you for the reply.  It seemed to make sense that you would do it that way but I just wanted to make sure.

Our sales manager is now a remote user.  If he needed ALL quotes would he just click on the "Documents" button, in the clip above, to get everything?

That is also correct.

One of the users does not have the 2nd user as a choice in the sync configuration.  His installation occurred way before the 2nd user was in QW.  How do I get the 2nd user to show up in the 1st users drop down window?  I'm sure there is a database of users that can most likely be copied from the server to the 1st user.  Is it as simple as the 2nd users .INI and .DIC files?

When you synch on the first users remote installation there is a Data Group .....

User Logins and Rights

that you need to synch across from the Master installation. That option should ensure that all users are synched across into the users' remote installation.

We don't have a User Logins and Rights in the Data Group...  How can that be added?

You will need to copy the security.mdb file from the master QuoteWerks installation and bring it over to each of the remote installations. Before copying it over, close QuoteWerks on each remote, then copy the file into each remote's QuoteWerks installation folder. 

Upon reopening QuoteWerks, all users found on the master installation should show as choices on the remote installations.

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