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Literature Synchronization - Remote Installations

At Resodyn we have both network users and users with a remote installation of QW.  The remotes are for the outside sales team that travels – 5 people currently.  Our remote databases do not synch properly for the Literature feature.  They seem to have all versions and not just the latest approved product literature and corporate contracts.  This creates a chance for error and then confusion on the customer side as well.  We  only have five (5) currently approved contracts but the remote instance shows:



The current solution is to manually access the QW folder on each laptop and remove the older versions.  This is time consuming and disruptive to our sales team.  We would prefer that the synchronization process also properly/automatically update the Literature folders .


It does (or should, at least.)

What setting do you have in the below?

Do the Literature files have the same name with each update you make?


Note that the step Matt alludes to is only available in the QuoteWerks Corporate edition if the database has been rehosted to SQL Server. Maybe this is why the options are not available to Users when they Sync? (More details here.)

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