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Copy User Maintenance Database to Remote

When new remote installations are setup in our company, we always find that the user maintenance info doesn't get copied.  Each salesperson will go into their installation and edit their user preferences to put in their contact info and signature, but it may not match the master and it won't be in other remote installs.  This is an issue for us because we have an inside sales team that will assist salespeople from all over the company by editing previous quotes or even generate quotes from scratch.  If the salesperson's contact info isn't in the particular install the inside sales team is in then the quote doesn't pull up info for the footer.

Is there are way to copy this info from the master either during remote install setup or after?

Ref. the QuoteWerks Edition Comparison here: I suspect that you may just have the Professional edition or Corporate not re-hosted. As I understand it, upgrading to Corporate and/or re-hositng to SQL Server would fulfil this requirement for you.

If you'd like assistance with the re-hosting, then please get in touch.

When we, at Quintadena, set up remote installations we tend to do so by creating the user in the master installation and adding in all of their personal details. We then synch them back into the remote installation. Whoever, is responsible for setting up the remote installation will need to be aware that the users personal details will 'usually' only get synched across from the master into the remote installation when logged in and synching as the user. The last step for us, when setting up a remote installation is usually to log in as the user and then synch 'until' we are certain that the personal details have copied across correctly. This may often take more than 1 synch.

It should also be possible to highlight the settings ([User Details] or [UserEmails] etc, as appropriate) via the 'Settings Manger' and then email them out to the user or vice versa.

We are running the corporate edition.  I looked that the synchronization list for the corporate edition and it lists syncing user logins and rights.  The logins and rights do appear to sync correctly.  What doesn't sync is user preferences that includes Title, Address, Phone, and Electronic Signature.  It may just be that this has to be added to each remote install.

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